What We Do

Solusvreba are managers of professional Adventurers and Explorers


We create brand awareness and loyalty by managing the sum of all efforts influencing a brand. Our aim is to inform, persuade and increase interest.


We authentically place brands and individuals correctly within their target market to reflect and affirm their genuine and unique character.


With forward thinking and sustainable business practices, we deliver an outstanding return on investment that creates legacies for both clients and partners.


Solusvreba is a 360 degree management company. Our aim is to manage the sum of all efforts our client requires to build a strong, recognisable and lasting brand.

Working in the adventure and exploration industry we have developed a service to support both individuals and investors, by providing a secure, comprehensive but flexible bridge between business and adventure. Working with world renowned clients SolusVreba is ideally placed to maximise the return on investment for all those committed to the adventure and exploration industry.

Our work ethos explores every opportunity to evolve, constantly discovering and implementing new values to embed with all of our bravesouls!

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Who We Work With

We represent a variety of clients in the adventure and exploration industry and those working with them.



Corporate Clients


Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.

~ Ambrose Redmoon

On The Map

 A selection of clients and projects.

Our Skills

Brand and Legacy Management
Brand and Legacy Management

Marketing and PR Strategy
Marketing and PR Strategy

Contract Negotiation and Activation
Contract Negotiation and Activation

Sponsorship management
Sponsorship management

Rebecca HughesRebecca HughesFounder of Solusvreba

Whilst running a successful Marketing business Rebecca’s own love of the great outdoors and exploration attracted her towards the adventure industry. Her understanding of the commitment given by adventurers and explorers, while recognising difficulty’s they face within the outdoor industry, enabled her to pioneer a new kind of management system. Taking a holistic approach with the objective of raising brand value, she facilitates a healthy return on investment for all partners. It is Rebecca’s core values and insight that help to build genuine relationships for all working with Solusvreba

Guy WolfendenGuy WolfendenChief Executive

Combining his experiences from both grass roots development to delivering world class events, Guy has an extensive background in the commercial sector including sponsorship activation, contract negotiation and financial management that shows continued success, adaptability and innovation. These skills have allowed Solusvreba to develop sponsorship opportunities combined with maximising the potential return for all involved, whilst supporting clients and partners within Solusvreba’s business activities.

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